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Becoming famous musician was never easy

Even more than a talent it needs a shear amount of dedication, sacrifice and love for what you do. By choosing mastering your music at Future Mastering labs you’re making that first crucial step to make your tracks sound better than everyone else and get that rightfully deserved attention right from the first second of listening. What that attention gives you?

By allowing your tracks to win in the inevitable comparison with todays’s sound of commercial music which in turn leads to becoming more known and successful plus being able to afford the best gear and be constantly motivated by fans’ positive reaction and great press you can focus on what it’s all about – make music. Why Future Mastering?

We know a secret that many mastering engineers don’t know or simply forgot. Mastering isn’t about the  sound. The key word is soul. Mastered tracks should be exciting, full of love and emotion. Mastering should bring out the best in your music, the uniqueness of your style and do justice to all these days of work you’ve put into them. If that’s not enough…

After getting your tracks mastered with Future Mastering we can guarantee that within half a year you’ll have more fans and media coverage than before. Otherwise we promise to give all your money back. And whats’s even better you can try us out for free even before ordering!

We let our work do the talking. Click the DropBox button to send us your track (or a part of it). You will receive a FREE sample containing before and after mastering comparison to your specified email within a few days, without filling out forms, creating accounts or getting additional offers. Liked it? You are welcome to order with confidence. We love music and even more when our musicians are happy. That’s why we’ll make your track even bigger, just like we did for our biggest client as world’s first studio to do professional audio mastering for another planet.

Our clients choose time after time Future Mastering as their professional online mastering studio because with every order they get the most affordable professional mastering service online: one free audio mastering sample, two free revisions, three free audio formats, genre oriented mastering, friendly and fast customer service, flat rate for any length and type,  fast order, 15 years of experience, access to high grade gear and software and that famous Future Mastering sound. Now, hear for yourself

* Due to high amount of orders it sometimes may take up to 7 days to finish your demo